Dealing with Distraction

2017 was an exciting year for the team as we developed our plans for Sparse Data Analysis and presented proposals to colleagues and others at meetings and conferences. As we begin 2018 there seems to be a mountain of work ahead to realise the potential in these plans. Keeping focussed and energised (particularly on dark February days) can sometimes be hard.

As we move into 2018 there are a number of distractions around. Technical set backs can delay progress and the increasing need to justify our work as funding for global translation comes under pressure can all feel like distractions when there is so much to do.

The lady holding her bible on the right is Ozoonwa Nyumbe from S. Sudan. This is where our focus needs to be. Threats to funding are not just a distraction to us in our work, in the end they mean that people like Ozoonwa may not be able to discover God’s love through scripture in their own language.

Please pray,

  • Giving thanks for:
    • the support of friends and colleagues worldwide
    • lengthening days and the approach of spring
    • all who contribute to the task of Bible translation
  • Praying for:
    • stable and sufficient funding for long-term projects
    • clarity and understanding as the team wrestle with complex problems
    • a right focus and freedom from distraction